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christmas money saving

Christmas Money Saving!


As household budgets become tighter, the pressure is on to cut the costs of Christmas this year. Nobody wants to start 2017 with a big hangover of debt (especially if you’re feeling delicate from New Year celebrations). We’ve come up with some Christmas money saving tips to have a festive, yet frugal Christmas this year.



Now is the right time to speak with your family, friends and peers regarding Christmas gifts. Set a price limit for your family (especially adults) and agree with certain friends that you won’t be gift exchanging this year. A great idea to cut the costs of Christmas gifts in your friendship group is to do a Secret Santa. This is where you put all of your names into a hat and draw one out one by one. The person who you pick is the person you’re buying a gift for. This not only saves costs, but it’s so much fun too! Setting a maximum price limit for the Secret Santa is also a great way to cut costs this year.


Budget shop!

Putting on a festive spread can be a costly matter. Switching your supermarket during the festive season is a great way to cut costs and save some money this year! Shopping at places such as Lidl and Aldi will stock you up on good quality festive goods and save you some money at the same time!


Cut the drinks bill!

The majority of us will have the alcohol flowing over the festive period. The costs can quickly add up when it comes to providing the drinks. If you are hosting a Christmas get-together, asking your guests to contribute to the alcohol is perfectly reasonable. There’s nothing cheeky about asking for a little help, especially when you’re hosting! You can also use Quaffers’ Offers to search through current offers on different wines at supermarkets throughout the country.


Designer with a discount!

Shopping at places such as TK Maxx is a complete game changer when it comes to buying designer clothes! I, myself have found some absolute bargains with the discount retailer (with up to 50% off RRP!). All you need is a little patience and a good look. If you are more of an online shopper, there are commonly clearance sales which you can get quite a big discount, even on big brands!

If you are worried about starting 2017 with a huge burden of debt, you are in the right place. All our advisers at IVA Debt UK are fully trained and focused on offering debt advice. Do not hesitate to contact us! All you need to do is click the button below. – Happy Festivities!


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