DIY Christmas Decorations

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Cheap DIY Christmas decorations

It’s well known that you can save a considerable amount of money by making items yourself rather than purchasing them from retailers, and this doesn’t exclude Christmas decorations. Try these DIY Christmas decoration ideas this festive period and save yourself some money!

Bow Wreath

This stunning and creative item is so simple to make you won’t believe it! And what’s even better is it won’t drain the bank.

You will need:

Simply take a piece of cardboard, you’re best off using an old cardboard box for this, you can pick these up totally free from your local supermarket. Draw the outline of your wreath shape onto the cardboard, you’re going to want to make this quite big so it makes an impact, anywhere from 12” to 20” circumference will do the job. The typical wreath is circular but you can pick any shape you like, maybe try a love heart. Once your cardboard shape is cut out, take your collection of bows and stick them all over. You can pick simple Christmas bows up from Poundland and they come with sticky tape on the back so you don’t need to get messy with glue, plus there’s going to be no waiting time for the wreath to dry, brill!

diy christmas decorations wreath
Glam up your used wine bottles

If you have any old wine or beer bottles, don’t throw them out! They can be used to make stunning festive vases.

You will need:
Wine bottle
Glass Glue
Paint brush
Disposable/paper plate

Find a flat table where you can work from and cover it with some newspaper (this will get messy). Make sure you have removed all the labels from the wine bottle and that the surface is totally clear for you to begin glueing the glitter to it. Pour a generous amount of the glass glue onto a disposable plate and paint the entire bottle with the glass glue, now simply pour your glitter all over the wine bottle until the entire bottle is coated in glitter. Be prepared to use a considerable amount of glitter for this. If you prefer, you can use a beer bottle which will be slightly smaller and use less glitter. You will need to leave the bottle to dry for around an hour, but we suggest you leave it overnight to ensure it is completely dry. When you wake in the morning you will be left with a festive, glitter bottle. To use this as a vase simply fill the bottle with water and place your favourite, most festive flowers into the neck of the bottle.

diy christmas decorations wine vase
Plant pot snowman

These are great fun for the kids the get involved with and can be used indoors and outdoors.

You will need:
Plant Pot
Child’s Bobble hat
Any additional embellishments/glue

Take your plant pot and paint the whole thing white, you may have to do a few layers in order to cover the original colour of the plant pot and make sure your snowman is totally white. Leave this to dry overnight before you attempt to paint/draw your snowman’s face on. Once dry you can paint the face, we suggest pencilling on the face you want first so you don’t make any mistakes. Once your face is painted you can add any additional embellishments to your snowman, maybe sprinkle some silver glitter around the base, or you could add a felt scarf, or why not use some of your Christmas wrapping paper and stick it on the base like in the image below. Dress your pot snowman up with a little hat or ear muffs.

diy christmas decorations-snowman_flower_pots

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