Information and confidentiality

All notices, correspondence and documentation issued by the enforcement agent/agency must be clear, complete and unambiguous and to the satisfaction of the creditor. They must not use unhelpful legal or technical language and should comply with relevant legislation.

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Information and confidentiality

 On returning any un-executed warrants, the enforcement agent should report the outcome to the creditor and provide further appropriate information, where this is requested and, where appropriate, paid for by the creditor.

 All information obtained during the administration and enforcement of warrants must be treated as confidential between the enforcement agent, debtor, the creditor and any third parties nominated by the debtor.

 Enforcement agents should, so far as it is practical, avoid disclosing the purpose of their visit to anyone other than the debtor or a third party nominated by the debtor, for example an advice agency representative. Where the debtor is not seen, the relevant documents must be left at the address in a sealed envelope addressed to the debtor.

 Enforcement agents should provide clear and prompt information to debtors and where appropriate, creditors

  Enforcement agents should make debtors aware of the possible additional costs of enforcement which will be incurred if further action becomes necessary. If a written request is made, an itemised account should be provided.

  Enforcement agents will clearly explain and give in writing, the consequences of taking control of a debtor’s goods.

Bailiff – Frequently Asked Questions

How does IVA Calculator work?

  1. Based on the details you provided, IVA calculator will determine whether you qualify for IVA or not.
  2. It will also calculate the amount of debt you can write off with an Individual Voluntary Arrangement – IVA.
  3. Our IVA calculator will send your results to your dedicated adviser.
  4. We do not charge any setup fees.

Basic criteria to qualify for IVA

  1. Your total unsecured debts are £5,000 or more.
  2. You have 2 or more creditors.

It is possible that some other debt solution is best for you, to know call our 24hr helpline 0800 088 2599

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