leftover turkey

Turkey Leftover

Leftovers are arguably the best part of Christmas, so we asked everyone at our offices what they do with their leftover turkey once Christmas dinner is out the way; you’re going to be surprised with some of the answers we got!

Turkey sandwiches

This one caused for debate at IVA Debt headquarters, what exactly should you have on your turkey sandwich?
. Branston Pickle and turkey
. Stuffing and turkey
. Mayonnaise and turkey
. Cranberry and turkey
. Mustard and turkey
. Beetroot and turkey
. Pickled cabbage and turkey
. Turkey salad sandwich
… Just salt and turkey
It’s fair to say we have a rather diverse range of tastes in our offices, why not let us know what your favourite Turkey sandwich combination is!

Turkey Soup

If it’s a winter warmer you’re looking for then use your leftover turkey for a scrumptious turkey soup, it’s a hit with us!

Turkey curry

Bit of a whiz in the kitchen? Then why not try making a fiery curry with your leftovers.

Leftover Turkey

Turkey to the dog

If all else fails what you’re left with wont go to waste if you’ve got man’s best friend by your side!

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